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How education develops hope and proficiency in a career.

25 August 2014 By In Blogs

 It is the function of education in society to transmit from one generation to the next the relevant knowledge, skills, and values of that society and formation of the individual in the society. This essay explains how education develops hope and proficiency in a career.

Education develops an individual and brings self-fulfillment. Education provides opportunities for the fullest development of individual talents and personality, that is, develop potential interests and abilities, like character building, sound morals, religious values and growth into self –discipline, self-reliant, and integrated citizen. “It makes individual self-sufficient and productive, by use of individual talents in commerce, industries and agriculture and in any other service”­­­­­­­­­­ 1(Eshiwani, 29.) This full development helps one to be flexible to adopt and build a stable and modern society.


Forming of job attitude good preparation brings attitude of job satisfaction, that is, an infidel attitude towards his or her job. A high level of job satisfaction has positive attitude towards the job; a person who is dissatisfied with his or her job holds negative attitude towards the job. This job satisfaction brings with it lob involvement, that is, it measures the degree to which a person indentifies psychologically with his or her job and conscious of his or her performance level, important to self worth .Employee with a high level of job involvement strongly identify with his or her job and really o care about the kind of work they do. “employee tend to prefer jobs that give them opportunities to use their skills and abilities and offer a variety of tasks freedom and feedback on how well they are doing”2(Robbins,1996.Pg192)

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You are here: Home Blog How education develops hope and proficiency in a career.