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Future Perspectives

04 September 2014 By In Blogs

Increasing health complications among populations call for awareness creation to minimize negative effects that may be due to misinformation. It is imperative to educate people on safety measures and precautions to avoid contacting infectious diseases. An effective health education should also focus on relaying information on management of chronic diseases (Leonard, 2011). Health campaigns need to give detailed information on each therapeutic drug that is in the market and the corresponding ailment it treats. Consequently, people will not have to use a wrong drug for treatment of a particular condition.

Health communication campaigns employ integrated strategies for delivering information designed to influence health behaviors of target population. Target group involves male and female that can read and possess or have an access to mass media and is eligible to use social media platform. Various ways for channeling the messages to target audiences include mass media, social media, interpersonal communication and promotional strategies. Social media marketing make use of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter to reach the target group. Effective social media marketing incorporates the four Ps for marketing which stands for product, price, place and promotion (Leonard, 2011). Promotion strategies mainly use printed media to reach target audience. Collaborating with various agencies help in spreading information. Reliable funding source is a critical success factor for any health campaign.

Evaluation strategy is crucial once campaign is ongoing as it monitors performance of each promotion strategy and identifies areas that need improvement (Leonard, 2011). First is to regularly monitor activities of each promotion and compare its performance against the objectives of the campaign. Second is to identify the performance gaps and determine their existence. Finally, it is necessary to look for opportunities to improve and adjust the health campaign targets.


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