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 Drug-Addicted Pregnant Mothers

Every pregnant woman must have a health life; eat food with required nutrients, exercise regularly, live in a healthy condition and get enough rest. Drug abuse is a dangerous move that any pregnant woman can make. According to Murphy (1998), 1% of babies born every month are found with symptoms of drug withdrawal. Drugs are very dangerous to children; they can affect the nervous system and prohibit growth of the child, the weight of the fetus and some can even lead to the death of the unborn child.

02 August 2014 In Blogs

The Economic Impacts of the Canadian Aging Population

Canada is one of the countries that are projected to have the largest aging population in the next 20 years. The growing older population creates concern in the related areas of employment and labour force, social welfare and housing, health ad income security, which will have greater impact on families, societies and the economy of Canada as a whole. A report sampled by the Congress of the Canadian Labour indicated that 72% of the population is not having enough income and 82% of adults are not getting the required heath care services. This shows that in case the economic policies are not changed, the Growth Domestic product (GDP) of Canada will drop drastically in the next 10 to 20 years to the level of the current developing countries.

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  Internal Auditor

Internal Auditing is the position in a company that deals with risk issues that may affect the company hence providing security assurance (Spira & Page, 2003). This is majorly necessary for small or upcoming businesses that would “die” immediately as soon as losses are experienced. It is therefore important to determine whether this position is worth going for in terms of the experience and skills that are to be obtained during the position period. I guess my decision lies with the roles and importance of internal auditing including the qualifications of this particular job.

02 August 2014 In Blogs

 Virtual Private Cloud


There are new ways that are innovative when it comes to delivery of resources on an infrastructure in a way that is considered secure and isolated. This is the virtual private cloud solutions. Virtual Private Cloud guarantees resources to machines that virtually ran in the private cloud and they ensure that the virtual infrastructure gives a delivery in performance that is optimal. Such resources are central processing unit, IOPS and the capacity of the disks. 

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Chart of Accounts

A ‘make sense’ chart of accounts is important in every organisation. It is the very first task that should be considered and performed when an organisation is in the process of setting up the accounting system whether it is computerised or it is manually done. The chart of accounts is an essential tool that is necessary for gathering information and organising information about the business need and also keeping track of where the money in the business is coming in from and where it is being taken to (Bragg, 2010).  For any business to survive, it needs have useful information that will help it to remain competitive. The accounting system of a business should be used to provide information and its design should be able to accommodate the detailed and summarized information. The company or businesses financial reports are dependent mostly on how well the chart of accounts has been designed. A properly designed system of accounts in a business should have a chart of accounts as one of the key things.

02 August 2014 In Blogs

Corporate Social Responsibility


The commonly used Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies in Emirates Airlines include emiratization and philanthropy. Nevertheless, employee safety, health and environmental concerns have also gained the concern. Companies that are local focus more on corporate emiratization and philanthropy i.e. bringing together all the nations under one labor umbrella.

02 August 2014 In Blogs

 price of gasoline

In the last few months, the price of crude oil in international market has risen for about $6-$7per barrel to almost $125 a barrel because of uncertainties in countries producing oil like Iran. This has caused the speculation that the prices of gasoline will increase from the current $3.53 to $5 in this summer season. Unfortunately for most of the drivers, there is always increase of gas prices during the summer seasons especially at the beginning of Memorial Day.


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