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Substance abuse is presently one the matters affecting the world. The use of illegitimate drugs that cause cognitive and physiological consequences is a behavior that has affected the lives of many youths by damaging property, causing physical incapacity as well as school dropouts. There is need to analyze different environments and conditions under which addiction occurs and do research on ways of reducing drug addiction in adolescence including spiritual interventions.

Relationship between abuse and addiction in adolescence

Abuse is the misuse of something that results into bad effects while addiction is the persistent replication of a behavior notwithstanding its adverse effects. Drug use is particularly common during adolescent stage and increases emotional and mental disorders to those who were already exposed (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Risky substance use by adolescents can cause addiction, which may result into deadly accidents, sexually transmitted diseases, undesired pregnancies, psychological and medical illness.

27 August 2014 In Blogs

The Gross Domestic product of a country is one of the chief determinants of how healthy a country’s economy is. A high GDP means several sections of the economy are doing well; the citizens of the country have meaningful income and are able to spend their income to meet their needs and wants. This is simply because the GDP is a reflection of the total income or expenditure of the citizens of a country.

27 August 2014 In Blogs

 Integrity is an element of an extraordinary leader. It is a notion of consistency of accomplishments, values, procedures, plans, principles, belief, and outcomes. It is a dedication to do things generally acceptable for the good reason, notwithstanding the prevailing circumstances. Leadership on the other hand is the potentiality and the will to unite people to a common goal and the integrity, which motivates confidence.Integrity is associated with righteousness, trustworthiness, as well as tolerance. It is a measure of ethical values and characters.

27 August 2014 In Blogs

Alignment of IT with strategic business

In modern business setups, information technology has become a vital factor in the success of any company. The incorporation of information technology into any business helps in cost reduction, standardization of processes in an organization, promotion of productivity, the improvement of communication among the people within the organization and outside, the enhancement of the levels of handling risks and the implementation of improved strategies for the business. There has been the use of Information technology in the implementation of various procedures but not in the basic strategy shaping. Whenever there is an effective implementation of information technology in a business, it has always helped in creating suitable strategies for the advancement of any business (Beveridge, 2013).

27 August 2014 In Blogs

Drug addiction is an increasing endemic in many societies in the world. The addiction level has increased given that youngsters are getting exposed to drugs in high schools. Adults are not saved from the plague either. The problem is enormous considering the kilograms of illegal drugs discovered by different authorities. In 2007, the United States Coast Guard apprehended dealers on a ship with 21, 400 kilograms of cocaine (Zamora par. 1). It is a disturbing trend towards individuals and the society. The societal support and the individual’s willpower of a rehabilitated addict could return to normal life to play a central role in attaining the goal.


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You are here: Home Blog Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 27 August 2014