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10 June 2015 In Admission

 A law school admission essay is a detailed narration of an applicant's personal background and experiences. A well-written essay could help a prospective law student stand out from the rest. This essay should, therefore, bring out the intelligence and professionalism in you. Good lawyers are also persuasive and mature, so this is your opportunity to convince the selection panel that you will make a great lawyer if you get an admission.

 Drama at the beginning does not capture the attention of the selection panel; it shocks them. Getting to law school, let alone being a lawyer, is a serious business. Be honest in your introduction and begin with the things that matter. Trying to trigger emotions from your readers is a dangerous angle to take in your essay.

 This calls for creativity, but you must not be fictional in your descriptions. You should give  little and irrelevant details like holiday adventures. Unless you can use this in bringing out the uniqueness in you, be careful with it.

 Your essay should be specific. There is no universally accepted law school admission essay; every law school has specific details they would want you to highlight in your essay. Therefore even if you are going to use one approach in all your admission essays, ensure it conforms with the guidelines given by the school.

 A winning law admission essay should be clear and interesting to read. It will make it easier for the selection committee to understand your personal experiences clearly. As an aspiring lawyer, statements that do not make sense are likely to deal you a blow in your application.

 Do not choose your area of specialization yet. Unless you are already practicing law and would like to further your knowledge studies in that area, do not declare the kind of law you want to study.  It  could easily get you locked out by an admissions committee. 

 While it is great to share the negative experiences you had while growing up and in your studies, it is useless if you do not show how you overcame the difficulties. Your essay will be powerful if you can show how you overcame the obstacles. Having a theme or two will help in guiding your line of thought.

 Like in any other excellent piece of writing, feedback is necessary. Write drafts and have people read them. Let at least three people read your work and give recommendations. It will help improve its quality.

 In conclusion, getting into a law school today requires more effort. The schools want to produce lawyers who will have an impact on the society. It all begins with the admission essays.

Take these points into consideration when writing a law school admission essay:

   Be honest and creative.

   Tailor your essay to specific law schools.

   Make it interesting to read.

   Have other people read your essay.


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You are here: Home Blog Displaying items by tag: how to write law school essay