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How to Write a Resume Cover Letter - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Resume Cover Letter TipsA resume cover letter is an official document, usually one page, that is sent with a job application. The letter introduces the applicant to the hiring manager and fills gaps in the resume. The letter is an applicant's opportunity to convince the company that they deserve the job.

 A good resume cover is likely to give you an edge over other applicants. Therefore, a few tips on how to write the best cover letter would go a long way.  At the top of your cover letter, be sure to include your name and correct contact details. Do not bother including a postal address if you have none, you only need to include your phone number and an email address.

 A winning cover letter should have a targeted addressee. Having the name of the hiring manager would be a plus for you. Do not address the manager as “To whom it may concern” or “Dear sir/madam”, it is not only irritating, it is outdated. All human beings like to hear their names mentioned. And for your information, knowing the hiring manager by name is not canvassing. Address them as “Mr” or “Ms.” once you have their names.

 In the first paragraph of your cover letter, do a brief introduction of yourself. Tell the hiring manager who you are, your skills and how you got to know about the vacancy and why you suit the job. In the second paragraph, show how your skills fit the job description and how you will help the company achieve its objectives. Use the last paragraph to thank them for reading your application and going through your resume. Leave you contact and urge them to get in touch.

 Be sure you have the details of the job. At the subject line or in the opening paragraph of your letter, name the position. If you got to know of the position through an advert or an agency, go through the advert and get as much details as possible. You can also call the company or the agency to find out more about the position. Find out the kind of candidates the company is looking for and list your relevant skills which match the position. If the job advert gave a list of desired skills for the position, try as much as possible to respond to the requirements. Show how you have used the skill or your experience before and how you hope to use it if you get the position.

 Find out more about the company and their style of doing things. Tailor your cover letter to suit their language. Speaking a company's language makes them believe you are best fit to join them. The name of the company should be in the job advert, if not, call the advertisers or the agency and ask for the name of the company. Once you have it, go through their website and get as much information them as possible.


Proofread and edit your cover letter. Once you are done writing your first draft, go through it to ensure it flows and has no spelling and grammatical errors.

In conclusion, to write a winning resume cover letter, observe the following:

  • Include correct contact information.
  • Address your letter to an individual.
  • Have details of the job.
  • Have details of the company.
  • Proofread and edit your letter.
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Tips on How to Write a Grant Proposal - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Grant Proposal Writing TipsA grant proposal is a formal document submitted to a government or a non-governmental entity requesting monetary assistance. It highlights a proposed project and its budgetary requirements. A grant is not a loan. It does not need to be paid back.

A grant proposal should follow a format. However, the content of the document depends on the organization that needs the money. There are donors who need a cover letter to accompany the proposal. In such a case, the cover letter should be given as much attention as the grant proposal. Do not repeat what is already in the grant proposal. Make it concise and clear. Address your letter to a specific person stating what your proposal is about. Summarize the proposed project in the cover letter. It is advisable to give a good impression in your cover letter. It hooks the reader of your proposal to the end.


This section should be about a half-page long and gives the funder a quick glance at your proposed project. You should be concise when describing the proposed project. It should hook the reader to the proposal to the end. The abstract should be simple and clear, stating why your organization should get the funds.

Problem statement.

This is the most important part of a grant proposal. Convince the funder how important the proposed project is in solving the stated problem. And since there are several other proposals seeking funds to address the same problem, tell the funders why your organization is the best to carry out the project. Be detailed in your explanation of the project and assume the funders know nothing about it. It will help them understand the project and boost your chances of getting the funds.

Goals and objectives.

This section describes how your organization plans to handle the stated problem. State what you hope to achieve with the project. Your goals should be realistic, consisting of general and broad outcomes expected of the project. Your objectives should be specific and related to how you want to achieve the set goals. While a good grant proposal should have both short-term and long-term goals, it should have a specific time frame which is reasonable.

Methods and strategies.

 This section outlines how the set goals and objective can be achieved. It makes your proposal more practical and reasonable. In this section, tell the grantor how different members of your team with their diverse expertise, make the project's goals feasible. Include timelines that make sense and clearly state why you are choosing the methods for the activities.


Funders are strict with their money and require accountability for everything spent. Include data collection and storage plans for your project. Explain how this data will be used to assess the project's achievements. Choose a plan that is less costly and be sure to include the costs in your budget. Show when evaluations will be held and who will conduct them.


This section details how spending plan for the project. It should be reasonable and within the cost-estimation of the project. Include other sources of funding and support, not forgetting in-kind contributions.

 Many grant agencies receive numerous applications for grant, therefore, to be considered for such, your proposal not only needs to be interesting. It should be reasonably feasible. Your grant proposal must, therefore, be:

  • Simple and clear.
  • Well-written.
  • Engaging and interactive.
  • Reasonable.
  • Devoid of grammatical errors such as typos.
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How to Choose a Good Admission Essay Writing Company - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

choosing Best Admission Essay CompanyAn admission essay, sometimes called a personal statement is an official document through which a prospective graduate school student gets the opportunity to discuss personal achievements, experience and objectives. Most graduate schools give specific issues they want the applicants to address in their essays. With competition for spaces at the graduate schools, an admission essay is differencebetween good applications and the best ones. Admission essay writing companies come in handy when you want to write an admission essay but is unsure of what to write or how to frame it.

 Choosing which essay writing company to help you out could be as tedious as writing the admission essay yourself. That is why you should look keenly for before settling on a company to write your essay.

 Look at the credentials of the writers in that company. The writers should be properly educated and are experienced in writing for different fields. They should at least be holders of bachelor's degree and have knowledge of all the referencing and formatting styles. Let the writers prepare an outline so that you know what they will be working and what to expect in the end.

 Before you settle on an essay writing company, ask whether the writers can work within your timelines and deliver in time. Timeliness is very important in your applications for admission and if the company is unsure of delivering in time, it is advisable not to take the risk. Look for a company which can deliver within your time frame and is sure about it.

 Read more about the company before settling on them. Find out how they work from the customer review section. Do they have a strong reputation? If you find a lot of complaints, it is better to find an alternative writing company. Read also the what the customers say on quality and price of the essays. It is one sure way to know whether you are likely to get value for your money should you choose the company. While some of the testimonials could be genuine, watch out for dishonest reviews, companies can hire people to write nice things about them.

 The writing company you choose should exhibit professionalism. Remember your essay needs to be prepared and packaged in a manner that is professional. Find out how the company handles essays and the details given to them. Watch out for accuracy in presenting these details. Read their sample essays and find out whether you are happy with the tone, grammar and punctuation of their essays.

 While an admission essay writing company saves you the hustle of writing the essay, you should look for the the best essay writing company. Go through your essay and find out if there are errors the writers overlooked. Be in contact with the company and the writer working on your essay to give clarifications should there be need.

 Therefore, when going for the services of an admission essay writing company, look out for the following:

  • Credentials of the writers.
  • Timeliness.
  • The company's reputation.
  • Professionalism.
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Scholarship Essay Writing Tips

A scholarship essay is a personal means through which an applicant for a scholarship communicates directly with the selection committee. The aim of the essay is to give the committee the opportunity to know the person behind the grades, scores, and the application. Most scholarship programs have different requirements and vary with the programs and the institutions offering them.

Before beginning to write your essay, know your audience. Various scholarship programs are looking for students who meet certain requirements. That is why you should start your application process in time, go through the questions, requirements and the scholarship providers. You should also look for past beneficiaries you can find and ask them how they went about writing the essays. Not all scholarship programs are looking for top academic performers; others are looking for experience in a given field. It is, therefore, advisable that you do not prepare one scholarship essay to use it in all your applications.

Giving yourself time gives you the opportunity to plan in advance and be thorough with your essay. Get the points you would want to tackle in response to the essay questions and make an outline. You can then write your first draft and have it read by different people. Best documents are not written at one sitting and forwarded for consideration; yours is likely to end up just as many other ordinary ones received.

Use simple and clear language throughout your essay. Simple language makes any piece of writing interesting.  Avoid the use of jargons and complex sentences as much as possible. Make your explanations vivid and make your readers enjoy reading your story. 

Avoid generalizations in your essay. Expand your points in a precise manner devoid of vagueness. Show the selection committee how you have ideas and can present them cogently. While explaining your points, give realistic details and examples.

A scholarship essay is a personal essay, add passion to it. Take the opportunity to convince the selection panel why you are the best fit to get the scholarship. As you answer the essay questions, give specific details clearly demonstrating how you care about your course of choice and how the scholarship can help you achieve your objectives. Be unique in your story and let it invite the readers to know more about you. However, ensure you are honest in your narration.

Once your first draft is ready, give it to at least three people you trust to read and give you feedback. They will raise issues that you may have overlooked and which could cost you the chance. You can also read your essay aloud to yourself. Make corrections and read your work one more time.

In conclusion, to put together a winning scholarship essay you should do the following:

  • Follow instructions.
  • Start the application process early.
  • Avoid generalizations.
  • Be personal and honest.
  • Use simple and clear language.
  • Have people proofread your essay.


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