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How To Write The Best SEO Content

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How to write The best SEOAn SEO (search engine optimization) content is information written for a website to attract more search engine traffic to it. Writing SEO content requires keenness and understanding of how the web, especially search engines works. There are a few guidelines to follow when writing this kind of content:

Know your target audience. When brainstorming on what to write, try to identify with your audience and understand what they would like. Once you can understand their needs and what motivates them, it is easier to have them as your focal point when writing.

One great way of knowing your audience is by using the social media to engage them. Let them raise issues they would like you to address and try your best to give them the best feedback. The more you are intimately connected to your audience, the more likely you will produce content that they can't resist.

Use a catchy headline for your content. Think of an irresistible headline that your readers will keep a tab on till they clear their busy schedules. A headline sets the tone of any piece of writing and mostly determines whether a reader proceeds to the end of the article or not.

Make your headline short and catchy, the fewer the words, the better. Include numbers if possible, especially, odd ones. They are a sure way of attracting readers. Under the headline, include an equally catchy subheading, it helps to hook the reader to the end of the content.

When writing a headline, ensure you use the right font and case. A headline written in upper case is likely to intimidate your readers. Use bold and italics to make the headline more visible. You can have your main keyword appear on your headline to increase visibility in search engines.

Correct grammar and spelling in an SEO content is a requirement. Go through your draft to ensure there are no embarrassing errors. Give it to people you trust to read and make comments on grammar and relevance. Simple grammatical mistakes and wrong spellings only make your readers doubt your credibility.

Use simple, short and clear sentences. Organize them into short paragraphs. The worst thing you would want to do to your site is to have blocks of long paragraphs that intimidate readers. A simple, interesting and informative content is all your audience wants, do not make your content boring.

To add even more traffic to your site, write original and relevant content. Relevance goes back to knowing your audience and their needs. Feed them with information that you feel is helpful to them. If your site is for business, do not go into politics unless it has a direct effect on your business and the customers.  Be sure your content is original before publishing it. Do not put a lot of focus on word count, however long, ensure it is relevant and engaging.

In conclusion, an SEO content that will improve your web ranking should:

  • Have the audience in mind.
  • Have a catchy headline and a subheading.
  • Be grammatically correct.
  • Be original and relevant.
  • Have simple sentences and paragraphs.


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